Make Game Nights Meaningful

Each purchase of this exclusive edition is a step towards making a difference. Proudly presented by ProAction Cops & Kids, your involvement supports 11 vital charities, including the SickKids Foundation and United Way. Embrace the chance to play, win, and contribute to a noble cause."

Stay Playful

Get ready for an exclusive journey through Toronto's iconic spots with the Monopoly: Toronto Edition—your ticket to owning the city's treasures, officially licensed by Hasbro Inc.

Picture this: seizing the Toronto Blue Jays, Exhibition Place, the historical Fairmont Royal York Hotel, and more coveted locations in a game that mirrors the pulse of the 6ix. But that's not all; imagine rolling for the CN Tower, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Ripley's Aquarium, Nathan Philips Square, and other Toronto treasures—wave goodbye to Park Place and Marvin Gardens; these landmarks are the real deal in this captivating edition.

Roll the dice on Monopoly: Toronto Edition and feel the warmth of giving back. It’s more than a game; it's laughter, charity, and family all in one!

  • Monopoly: Toronto Edition
  • Monopoly: Toronto Edition
  • Monopoly: Toronto Edition
  • Monopoly: Toronto Edition
  • Monopoly: Toronto Edition
  • Gifting

    Monopoly: Toronto Edition is an ideal gift, combining fun with charity. Perfect for any occasion, it's a heartfelt way to spread joy and give back to the community.

  • Collectors' Item

    Monopoly: Toronto Edition is a collector's dream, showcasing the city's essence with unique designs. A treasure for enthusiasts, it embodies the spirit of Toronto.

  • Limited Production

    Only 30,000 Monopoly: Toronto Edition games were made, marking it as a collectible rarity. Each board is a special piece of Toronto's limited-edition history.

How Your Purchase Supports Charities

The game is an initiative of ProAction Cops & Kids; we are a charitable organization that brings cops and kids together in skill-building and mentoring programs. Since 1991, we have supported over 2,250 police-led programs throughout the Greater Toronto Area providing over 418,000 under-resourced youth with barrier-free access to skill-building activities and life-changing opportunities.

Your purchase is a direct contribution to ProAction Cops & Kids' mission to bridge gaps between police and youth. Profits from the game support 11 charities across GTA, amplifying our impact on under-resourced youth and the community.

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