About Us

Building Bridges: ProAction Cops & Kids' Impact on Community and Youth

We are ProAction Cops & Kids - a charitable organization that brings cops and kids together in skill-building and mentoring programs to create trust, respect and safer communities.

Since 1991, we have supported over 2,250 police-led programs throughout the Greater Toronto Area providing over 418,000 under-resourced youth with barrier-free access to skill-building activities and life-changing opportunities.

The success and impact of our programs have led to an increase in demand from our Toronto police partners as well as from other police services. To meet this demand, ProAction expanded into Durham Region (2007), Hamilton (2008), Halton Region (2018) and Peel Region (2021).

“We believe that we could spearhead the creation of the Toronto version (of Monopoly) on a much larger scale as a way of fundraising for multiple charities across the GTA, all of whom had to deal with their own significant challenges over the last two years.”


Stephen Kouri - President, ProAction Cops & Kids

Cops & Kids Building a Safer, Happier Community Together.

Our Values

ProAction Cops & Kids stands at the forefront of fostering community well-being, philanthropy, and inclusivity. This non-profit organization is dedicated to uniting police officers and young people through shared activities that transcend traditional barriers. By focusing on three core principles, ProAction is creating lasting impacts in communities

  • Community-Driven Entertainment: fostering a sense of togetherness and shared joy, Monopoly: Toronto Edition cultivates connections, encouraging collaborative play that unites individuals in a common pursuit of fun.
  • Philanthropy in Play: intertwining the excitement of gameplay with a purposeful mission, every purchase of the board game becomes a tangible contribution to charitable causes.
  • Embracing Inclusivity: serving as a welcoming platform where diverse individuals, regardless of background or ability, come together, breaking barriers and fostering an inclusive environment that echoes the game's charitable spirit

Join Us in Our Mission!

Every purchase does more than bring fun to your table; it extends a helping hand to 11 charities. Play, enjoy, and make a difference!